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To play torrent downloads of Nintendo 3DS Roms on your new handheld console you do not need to add a 3DS ModChip or have the 3DS Hacked . Backup games can be downloaded from this site as full Free 3DS Roms .


Q: How to play 3DS ROMs?
A: Use GATEWAY 3DS flash card to play torrent roms!


And the first one to Jailbreak 3DS is GATEWAY team! They have blessed us with a two card set: the GW3DS Blue card for setting up the hack and playing NDS roms and the GW3DS Red card for running 3DS ROMs from teh torrents!


Gateway 3DS rom game torrent


The latest Game Cards for Nintendo 3DS can also be called as the N3DS Cartridges

3ds torrentsDuring the E3, it was said by Nintendo that its 3DS will now have a separate Game Card of its own. The said Game Card for the Nintendo 3DS will have a maximum capacity of 2GB which has a larger capacity than the Game Card of the DS/DSi. However, these Game Cards are quite similar to that of the flash cards for R4SD which are utilized by homebrew fans of the DS and will definitely be checked out by the owners of the 3DS.


N3DS R4 hacked

After you have the games you can play them on a PC using Nintendo 3DS Emulator or use a 3DS R4 Chip cartridge to play them on the original hardware.

The Game Card was said to be designed in order to prevent piracy. It was revealed that it is possible for anyone to hack the Nintendo DS even without in-depth knowledge about it, by simply buying the card adapter for the R4SDHC and after which, the NDS files will be copied using the Internet. Usually the people who purchase Nintendo DS and will eventually purchase the 3DS do so primarily with the intention of running the backups for the games through it. At the same time, this will allow them to play various DS as well as the 3DS games for free. It is speculated that Nintendo wants to try and stop the prevalence of piracy even on the fan-base by means of the latest Game Card for the Nintendo 3DS, but this will be quite difficult to achieve.

The thing with 3DS is that it entails a backward compatibility and with this being the case, it would be able to run on the game cards of DS as well as that of the DSi. It will also be observed that the game cards for the 3DS are quite alike to the cartridges of the NDS except for the little tab found on the right hand side corner with the sole purpose of preventing the player from running DS games on the Nintendo 3DSi which is not supported by the console and eventually calling the company to complain that a particular game does not work. But there is nothing that can stop you from inserting cartridges of the DS unto the 3DS. Taking into account the Nintendo DS it could initially play NDS roms from the rewritable cartridge of the Gameboy Advance, which is also called the Flash Linker card for GBA, and the 3DS will actually be a pioneer in having backward compatibility with all the other versions of the 2D DS.

Homebrew Nintendo 3DS ROM files are also available for Download, and 3DS Hackers are working on software that will let you Download 3DS Roms from the internet directly to your DS - without using a PC or Mac!

3DS torrent sites are the fastest way for downloading full game sets, or just a single game from a Nintendo 3DS Rom torrent romset. SuperCard 3DS Menu

So go down to an internet cafe - connect to teh WiFi and ge the latest 3DS ROM games beamed directly to your micro SD card in SC3DS , AceKard 3 , EZ-Flash or Cyclo3DS adapter. Your Nintendo 3DS ModChips.






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